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Graduating Journalism Seniors Reflect on Regatta and Their Education


On a recent morning, School of Journalism graduating senior Kayla Shults and three classmates sat behind the high-tech news desk in Studio B of Stony Brook’s Educational Communications Center, remembering where they’ve come from, what they’ve learned and where they’re going.

SOJ seniors

Left to right: Graduating seniors Christopher Gaine, Rachel Siford,
Kayla Shults and Sarah Kirkup

It was a rare chance for these aspiring journalists to look back on their years at Stony Brook through the lens of the 2017 Roth Regatta, held on Friday, April 28.

They did it so as part of a news-style video segment produced by one of their mentors, technical manager Philip Altiere, who was responsible for scheduling workshops, student training and technical design for the Regatta production. The student-run “Roth Regatta Live” broadcast, in which each played a key role, had been a spring semester focus of these and dozens of other journalism students.

The students spent the morning talking to each other on camera about professors who inspired them and academic experiences that motivated them to pursue journalism. Joining Roth Regatta producer/director Shults were pre-game show producer Christopher Gaine, technical director Rachel Siford and producer Sarah Kirkup. Each spoke of the experience of pulling off the live show and Facebook streaming the popular student run Regatta event.

“It went by pretty fast,” Shults said, speaking to the camera about her years at Stony Brook. “But I think we all have the skills we need and will be successful in whatever we take on in life.”

Note: Assisting in the School of Journalism production of “Roth Regatta Live” were Assistant Dean Jennifer Carlino, Professor Richard Ricioppo, Professor Jonathan Sanders, and Jan Diskin-Zimmerman, Producer / Director for the Center for Teaching, Innovation and Digital Education.



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