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2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellow Alyssa Liguori

Alyssa Liguori
Alyssa Liguori

Alyssa Liguori

Grad program: Ecology and Evolution
Undergrad: BS in Biology and Environmental Sciences, Dowling College
Hometown: Ridge, NY
Advisor: Dianna Padilla

How does it feel to earn an NSF GRF?
I am honored and excited about the opportunities that this fellowship will provide. It feels great to be supported and recognized for a lot of hard work.

What will this award allow you to do that you might not have done without it?
Now that I can dedicate more time to my research, I can afford to take risks and explore any interesting questions that arise during my studies. This award will give me the freedom to travel to field stations and perform experiments at any time, which will allow me to accomplish more during my time at Stony Brook.

What will you research and how might it benefit the world?
I am interested in how the history of organisms affects their ability to withstand rapid environmental change. I will investigate long-term acclimation capacity and the potential for adaptive evolution in marine organisms facing ocean acidification and global climate change. My work will enrich our understanding of organismal responses to stressors and contribute to more accurate predictions of marine ecosystem dynamics in the coming centuries.

What sparked your interest in your research, or science in general?
My love for science began in the fourth grade. I had an amazing teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, who always took her students outside to go bird watching or exploring along the shore. She turned me into a little biologist. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have great mentors at Dowling College and Stony Brook University who have helped shape my research interests.

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