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2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellow Matthew Martin Huie

Matthew Martin Huie

Matthew Martin Huie

Grad program: Materials Science, Engineering
Undergrad: BS in Chemical Engineering
, SUNY at Buffalo
Hometown: Northport, NY
Advisor: Esther Takeuchi

How does it feel to earn an NSF GRF?
I am honored to be awarded this fellowship. These fellowships are extremely competitive and I was very lucky to be selected.

What will you research and how might it benefit the world?
I’m currently studying batteries for large scale energy storage to be implemented in the electrical grid. I hope that my work will lead to a more efficient use of energy which will have a tremendous impact on carbon emissions and preservation of the environment.

What sparked your interest in your research, or science in general?
I couldn’t have won this award without the encouragement and support from my friends and family.
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