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2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellow Andrea Bruck

Andrea Bruck

Andrea Bruck

Grad program: Chemistry
Undergrad: BS in Chemistry, Illinois State University
Hometown: Streator, IL
Advisor: Esther Takeuchi, Kenneth Takeuchi, Amy Marschilok

How does it feel to earn an NSF GRF?
It validates my commitment to my previous research and participation in STEM public outreach, while intensifying my effort to my current projects in battery chemistry.

What will you research and how might it benefit the world?
My goal at Stony Brook is to remove the current limitations of the lithium ion battery, leading to more efficient use of non-renewable energy sources.

What sparked your interest in your research, or science in general?
As an undergraduate I was fortunate to conduct research under three life-changing mentors in three unique disciplines — inorganic chemistry, meteoritics, and Martian soil chemistry. Their mentoring and knowledge continues to inspire to conduct high quality research using my expanded background.
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