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Stony Brook Children’s Enters New Era on Move Day

CHildren's Hospital

As new facilities at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital opened November 17, hospital staff cheerfully met the challenge of transferring young patients to brand new rooms. Stony Brook Children’s delivers specialized medicine for kids in a family-centered environment. With more than 180 pediatric physicians trained to treat every condition, the hospital is advancing pediatric care across Long Island and beyond through clinical care, medical research and education.

CHildren's Hospital
Cheery, state-of-the-art facilities greeted parents and patients.

The new hospital, built with the support of the State of New York, private donors, corporations, hundreds of volunteers, many organizations and local schools, includes a wealth of amenities, such as multicolored wall lights, controlled by patients, that come to life with turtles, fish and dolphins. The facility also offers single-patient rooms, advanced electronic safety systems and state-of-the-art hospital beds that capture and download patient information directly into the patient’s chart.

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