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Looking to get more involved but not sure where to start? Concerned if you volunteer, you’ll over-commit your time?  This new volunteer opportunity is a convenient, concise and meaningful way to participate and engage with Stony Brook.  We’ll ask you to share your suggestions, conceptualize program ideas, problem solve, innovate, raise your hand to help and more.  We will use your feedback to improve our services to better meet your current and future alumni interests and needs.

Why Join?

  • Advocate:  This is your platform to share feedback, and Stony Brook Alumni Staff and Alumni Association Board or Directors is actively listening.
  • Help: Grow a robust and proud Alumni network.
  • Participate:  Engage in 4-6 online surveys, polls, and forums on a variety of topics. No meetings!
  • Innovate:  Help inspire improvements and new alumni experiences that foster a meaningful life-long relationship with Stony Brook.
  • Rewards:  Earn swag and “thank you” gifts for your participation.
  • News & Updates:  See results and findings from activities within our virtual community and learn more about how Stony Brook is using your insightful feedback in a tangible way to enhance the alumni experience and to grow alumni engagement and support.
  • Resume Builder:   Volunteer service and transferable experience is always a good to demonstrate on your resume.

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Alumni Career Services offers a variety of lifetime career services, tools, and resources to help you in making lifelong career decisions. Whether you have recently graduated, are looking to enhance your skills and training, or are ready to make a career change, find help here on career exploration and growth, job hunting, networking and educational events, and ways to get involved. 

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