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Whaling Featured at Next SoMAS Lecture

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riderThe School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Fall 2011 Public Lecture Series continues on Friday, December 9, with Tara Rider Zeiss, a lecturer in Stony Brook’s Sustainability Studies Program. Zeiss will discuss “There She Blows: A Look at Long Island’s Whaling Heritage” at 7:30 pm in Chancellors Hall at Stony Brook Southampton.

While Native Americans were the first people to whale on Long Island, Europeans quickly came to see these ocean mammals as a valuable commodity. Starting in the 1640s, Southampton and East Hampton formed local shore whaling companies that led to the whale becoming Long Island’s  first “cash crop.” This industry would then help drive Long Island’s economy in the 19th century as young men travelled the world, pursuing whales for their oil and bones. Today, whales continue to attract Long Islanders, though no longer for hunting, but rather for whale watching. This presentation will explore how whaling has shaped Long Island’s communities and culture.

For more information, call (631) 632-5046.

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