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Vote for Stony Brook in Pink Glove Dance Video Competition


Stony Brook Medicine has entered the second annual national Pink Glove Dance video competition, sponsored by MedLine Industries Inc., with a four-minute video capturing the spirit of Stony Brook physicians and staff, as well as members of the broader Stony Brook community, in its dedication to fighting breast cancer. Voting is open nationwide to determine which videos will receive the most votes, with prize money donated for breast cancer research.

“We danced the dance, and now it’s time to rock the vote,” said Linda Bily, cancer patient advocacy and community outreach coordinator for the Stony Brook University Cancer Center, who coordinated production of Stony Brook’s video. “We need the support not only of the campus, but from the broader community we serve, since our goal is 75,000 votes in just two weeks’ time.”

Last year, Medline sponsored its first online competition nationwide to find the best Pink Glove Dance video. The competition featured 139 videos from hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The contest quickly became a national social media phenomenon, with the videos receiving more than 1.2 million views, a half a million votes and thousands of tweets, blogs and texts. Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, South Carolina, won last year’s competition with 61,054 votes.

Now the race is on to see which video will garner the most votes in 2012, with a top prize of $10,000 to be donated for breast cancer research to the winner’s selected charity of choice. Second prize is $5,000 and third prize is $2,000. Voting ends at midnight on Friday, October 26, and the winners will be announced on November 2.

Voting will be conducted using a contest application integrated with Facebook. Users must have a Facebook account and be logged into their account to vote. Users may access the contest application either on Facebook or from the contest page. Entries will be displayed in random order by default. Voters will have the ability to filter entries by organization to more easily locate the entries they wish to vote for.

Stony Brook’s video is set to the tune of “You Won’t Dance Alone,” by the Best Day Ever, which was the song used in the second year of the Pink Glove Dance competition. It features campy performances by such leaders as Kenneth Kaushansky, MD, senior vice president, health sciences, and dean, Stony Brook University School of Medicine, and Yusuf Hannun, MD, director of the Cancer Center, vice dean, cancer medicine and the Joel Kenny Professor of Medicine as well as many Stony Brook University sports teams and clubs, and community supporters.

“This is all in good fun, but for serious business: defeating breast cancer,” said Dr. Hannun. “This video project is symbolic of all that we can accomplish when we join together to achieve one unifying goal. It symbolizes the enormous teamwork at Stony Brook Medicine in dedicating our research efforts toward finding a cure for this disease.”

The Pink Glove Dance video phenomenon began three years ago, when Medline produced the original Pink Glove Dance video to raise breast cancer awareness. The first video generated more than 13 million views on YouTube and inspired countless videos and events around the world.

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