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SB Medicine Doctors Lead Stem Cell Post-Heart Attack Procedure


Two Stony Brook Medicine faculty, Dr. Luis Gruberg from the Stony Brook Heart Institute and Dr. Allen Jeremias, director of the intensive care unit, recently led a procedure that involved infusing stem cells directly into a coronary artery of a heart attack patient to regenerate tissue that would otherwise be irreparably damaged. The procedure, part of a clinical trial, was featured in an October 10 Newsday article.

“If stem cells can aid in the remodeling of the heart, regenerating healthy tissue, then medicine can offer patients a new lease on life,” the doctors said.

The Stony Brook study is part of a larger national investigation on regeneration. Stony Brook doctors are investigating autologous stem cells, which are derived from the patient’s own body. This is the second time in three years that Gruberg and his team have participated in a cardiac stem cell study.

Click here to read the Newsday article.

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