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Prostate Program Receives State Proclamation

Holding the NY State Proclamation is Medical Director Howard L. Adler and Assemblyman Robert K. Sweeney. Next to Adler is Nursing Director Arlene Shaw.
Holding the NY State Proclamation is Medical Director Howard L. Adler and Assemblyman Robert K. Sweeney (next to Adler is Nursing Director Arlene Shaw).

The Prostate Care Program at Stony Brook University Medical Center received a New York State Proclamation from Assemblyman Robert K. Sweeney in recognition of the program’s prostate cancer screening efforts throughout Suffolk County. The Proclamation was presented to Howard L. Adler, medical director of the program; Arlene Shaw, nursing director; and staff at a ceremony held during a screening at the North Lindenhurst Fire Department in August.

The Prostate Care Program at SBUMC has screened nearly 14,000 men in Suffolk County for the disease since the outreach program began approximately 15 years ago. The program has partnered with various organizations throughout the county to deliver the free screenings and is in its 14th year of partnership with Assemblyman Sweeney and the North Lindenhurst Fire Department. Each year hundreds of men are screened for early detection of prostate cancer at the fire department

 “We screen for prostate cancer by way of blood test and examination,” said Adler. “These small steps may help save many lives from a disease that is the most common form of cancer in men,” he added, noting that the program affords men throughout the county a great opportunity for successful prevention, early detection, and treatment of prostate cancer.

Adler, Shaw, and staff of the SBUMC Department of Urology visit many Suffolk County police and fire stations, churches, community centers, schools, medical clinics, and corporations to conduct prostate cancer education sessions and free prostate cancer screenings. The number of education and screening sites increases each year.

The program is also on pace to screen more men for prostate cancer this year than any other year. Approximately 15 percent of those screened through the program are recommended for a follow-up for abnormalities with prostate specific antigen testing (PSA), prostate evaluation, or both.

The idea for the Prostate Care Program was conceived by Maurice Gonder, the first chair of the Department of Urology at SBUMC, and a contributor to the original research leading to the PSA test in use today.

The Prostate Care Program offers free prostate screenings at satellite offices and throughout the local community at various times. Annual screening is recommended for all men age 40 and over. For more information about the program, visit SBUMC HealthConnect or call 444-4000.

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