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Jennifer Osipoff Joins SB Children’s Hospital

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Jennifer Osipoff

Jennifer Osipoff has been appointed Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, Stony Brook University School of Medicine, and will serve on the medical staff of Stony Brook Long Island Children’s Hospital.

Osipoff completed all of her medical training at Stony Brook: medical school, her residency in pediatrics—where she was chief resident—followed by a fellowship in pediatric endocrinology.

“Dr. Osipoff is a valuable addition to the medical staff at Stony Brook Children’s,” said Margaret McGovern, Physician-in-Chief of Stony Brook Long Island Children’s Hospital and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics. “Stony Brook is committed to caring for children in the community with chronic conditions such as diabetes, and we want to ensure that these children have access to comprehensive, long-term treatment and disease management. Osipoff brings fresh insight, the very latest protocols, and a gifted understanding of how to approach children and teens with this condition.”

In addition to her clinical practice, Osipoff has specialized research interests in memory and cognitive function in diabetes. She has presented her findings at conferences across North America and has been published in leading professional journals.

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