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Hospital Launches Meal Train for Donating Food to Frontline Workers

Stony brook hospital

In response to the overwhelming support from the community for food donations, Stony Brook University Hospital has launched a Meal Train. This system makes donating food to the frontline workers and all medical staff safe, easy and efficient.

Coronavirus UpdateDonors choose the date and time they want to have food delivered through a posted calendar. Meals are being accepted now through the end of May.

The hospital staff is very appreciative for each and every meal donated. The food provides them with the energy needed to continue helping others through this unprecedented pandemic.

Thank you to all the members of the community who are helping our medical professionals in this challenging time.

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  • A Huge thank you to Joe D. And his Crew, From Ruvo of Pt Jefferson for his endless generosity and kindness during this time.

  • I’m aware of this great task you are partaking however I’m aware the night frontline nurses on ICU are not having food provided nor the doctors they are with the critical covid patients on respirator s maybe someone can check into this much appreciated

  • It’s a wonderful gesture that the community and all of these restaurants are coming together for the Stony Brook staff . Who are all fighting this together however, it seems that there are a lot of departments who are completely left out of any of these generous donations. How about we make sure that more than SICU and the ER benefit, especially since we’re “all in this together “.

  • As a building engineer we have been forgotten as we are essential and provide essential services to the fight

  • much appreciated but there are a many shifts and departments all involved that don’t see alit of donations the night shift on 11 Sget to see the day shift leave with donations while they receive little if any all depts should be included it is a great task your undertaking and much appreciated

  • Hospital Construction , HSC Level 1, has not, to date received any love ?
    Nothing but the utmost respect and thanks for all our brave souls working hard to fight this battle! Anything would be appreciated, be it breakfast or lunch. Love to all✌️

  • Hi I purchased a panera gift card that I wanted to give to a department on the night shift. Can someone tell me who to email it to so that it can be used for muffins or whatever. It’s only $50 but I thought it helpful. Thanks

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