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Beyond the Expected Podcast: Coronavirus Research Response

Kenneth Kaushansky

Provost Michael Bernstein with Kenneth Kaushansky, Lilianne Mujica-Parodi and Scott Weingart

Beyond the expectedSaving lives today and looking for solutions for tomorrow. Facing the biggest healthcare challenge of the past century head-on, feverishly searching for clues and innovations to protect patients and providers today and prevent similar outbreaks in the future. Drawing on past and present evidence, engineering and know-how to make the world a safer place.

In this episode of “Beyond the Expected,” Michael Bernstein interviews three experts with strategic vantage points in leading the charge to contain and defeat COVID-19. The podcast will explore how federally funded clinical trials and an evidence-based approach to addressing patients presenting with COVID-19 symptoms is helping reduce morbidity and mortality, and in many cases, helping celebrate recovery and hospital discharges.

Guests include:

  • Kenneth Kaushansky, MD, MACP, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean of the Renaissance School of Medicine (RSOM). Dr. Kaushansky is a hematologist and the most senior executive at Stony Brook Medicine, Long Island’s premiere academic medical center.
  • Lilianne Mujica-Parodi, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Laboratory for Computational Neurodiagnostics. She is a leading biomedical engineer and pioneer in the field of personalized medicine through computational neurodiagnostics.
  • Scott Weingart, Chief of the Division of Critical Care in the Department of Emergency Medicine for RSOM. He is an emergency department intensivist at Stony Brook University Hospital, one of the busiest COVID-19 hospitals on Long Island.

This episode originally aired on Facebook Live on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

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