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President Releases Message on Student Testing Requirements

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President Maurie McInnis has released a message to resident students regarding testing requirements for COVID-19. The message reads as follows:

Coning Back Safe and StrongIn a short while, students will be receiving an email from Student Affairs regarding initial resident student testing requirements for Fall 2020. It will affirm our requirement that each resident student complete a COVID-19 PCR test within 14 days of their move-in date, produce a negative result, and submit this negative test result on the day of move-in.

Among other important details, this message will also outline the kinds of tests accepted and additional protocols for students who have had COVID-19 before, have produced a positive result, or are traveling from abroad or a  heavily-impacted US state. We will have quarantine options for this last group of students and for resident students should they need it throughout the semester. It should also be noted that as the semester continues, we will conduct ongoing testing in addition to the testing that is required as a result of symptoms.

The process for arriving at these protocols has been a long and thoughtful one. We want to be able to create a safe, healthy space on our campus while still enabling freedom and access to all of those within our community.  But as we continually adjust and learn in this time of COVID-19 upheaval, I want to reiterate something I’ve found to be true since I started my work at this incredible University: at Stony Brook, we look out for each other. We must all participate in a culture of respect. Especially right now, this means taking seriously the health and safety of our campus.

As I’ve stated, the upcoming email from Student Affairs will offer further details on how we plan to prepare our resident students. It will also provide contact information for those with more questions about COVID-19 PCR testing. I encourage you to read this message closely.

As scholars, we know that our work doesn’t simply stop once we leave campus or start once we arrive. We’re constantly questioning, reading, planning, experimenting, writing, and communicating with one another. Preparing yourself for a safe and healthy arrival on our campus is now another one of these tasks. I know that we can meet this added challenge with respect, dignity, and care for one another.  It’s what we do.

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