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President Issues Message on COVID-19 Incidence at Stony Brook University

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Interim President Michael A. Bernstein has released a message concerning COV-19 incidence at the University. The message reads as follows:

Coronavirus UpdateWe have confirmed the first cases of COVID-19 at Stony Brook University.  As Governor Cuomo has indicated in his daily press conferences, we will see, across New York State, a steady rise in the incidence of COVID-19 as testing increases.  We are following guidelines from the New York Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the thorough disinfecting of any compromised spaces.

As our campuses practice social distancing, adhere to the Governor’s Executive Order to allow the maximum number of employees to work remotely, and as students vacate our dormitories, we continue to be diligent with rigorous cleaning protocols and prevention efforts. I know I speak for us all when I express profound gratitude to the teams who work tirelessly to keep our campuses clean and safe.

For everyone remaining on our campuses, I urge you to maintain good hand hygiene and social distance.  If you feel ill, contact appropriate medical authorities and stay in your residence.

We encourage our University community to continue to follow these guidelines on prevention protocols to interrupt the spread of respiratory diseases.

I know the news I share here is disturbing and worrisome.  We face growing challenges, to be sure.  Our collaboration and cooperation together will make all the difference in securing the best possible outcomes in slowing the COVID-19 pandemic and in best serving the needs of those affected.

As circumstances warrant, I will keep you informed of important developments and share significant information. I thank you for your understanding and, most of all, for your courage.

Warmly, Michael

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  • Greetings;

    I am wright to you because I do not know where else to go to with my thoughts and concerns regarding the Cornavirus COVID-19. Universities are where the professors the people on the cutting edge of science and education are. I am a retired high school science teacher and sometimes was an adjunct physical science adjunct professor, and I am, also alumni of SUNY Stony Brook.

    To describe the behavior of nature, the word “opportunist”, I feel would be a good term. My first question and the area that I believe needs to be investigated are; if an opportunity is given, nature will take it. What I would propose that is looked at is: what are the effects of the climate change in Chain that gave Cornavirus COVID-19 opportune to expand past its normal host and to, now, be effecting the human population. Furthermore, I must raise the question: if this is indeed the case; how do we prevent it from happening again? Is this the first of many such occurrences?

    I would take this to the next step being; take a look into where is the Cornavirus COVID-19 is spreading the fastest. What environmental similarities do these places have in common? Take a look at topography, altitude, hydrology, temperature, air quality, and the amount of dally sunlight.

    When I look at the world map of the areas under siege by Cornavirus COVID-19, they all seem to be either Islands or peninsula- areas that hare surrender by sea-water. Farther more the map seems to suggest that areas of elevation and away from water have a slower rate of the spreading of Cornavirus COVID-19.

    I believe that in addition to social distancing; it might be prudent to move the none infected population to higher grounds. The Cornavirus COVID-19 rate might be further reduced, if not stopped in such locations.

    I hope that you and SUNY Stony Brook can use this observation to do something to help arrest this situation.

    Feel free to contact me with any question of for any other related reasons

    Joe Arthur
    2 Knight St.
    Concord, NH 03301
    (603) 260-8752

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