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Prof. Tom Muir (Princeton) to Deliver 6th Annual Francis Johnson Lecture (5/8/2020)

Photos of Prof. Francis Johnson (Stony Brook, right) and Professor Tom Muir (Princeton University, right)
Prof. Francis Johnson (left) and Prof. Tom Muir (right)

Professor Tom Muir (Van Zandt Williams Jr. Class of 1965 Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair, Department of Chemistry, Princeton University) has been named as the 6th Francis Johnson Lecturer. Prof. Muir’s research program brings Chemical Biology to bear on understanding how proteins work. The lecture will take place on Friday, May 8th, 2020 (title, time, and date to be announced).

The Francis Johnson Lectureship was created in 2010 by former students of Professor Francis Johnson in honor of his 80th birthday and in recognition of his contributions to both departments: Chemistry and Pharmacological Sciences at Stony Brook. Find out more about Francis Johnson here. Previous Johnson Lecturers were Dr. Bal Lokeshwar (U. Miami), Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi (Stanford), Dr. Benjamin Cravatt (Scripps Institute), Dr. William DeGrado (UCSF), and Dr. Peter Schultz (Scripps Institute).

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