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Workshop Focuses on What You Need to Know Before You Sign a Lease

Lease workshop
Attorney Phil Solage presented vital information on housing rental agreements.

More than 50 students braved the elements on a rainy Monday night recently to attend the “Leases, Landlords and You” workshop. Held in Room 302 of the Student Activities Center (SAC) on November 17, the workshop offered students who were considering living off campus detailed information on what to look for in a legal lease, insights into living in the community, and what it takes to be a good neighbor.

Attorney Phil Solage, who presented the workshop, was invited back after a successful debut last spring. Solage gave the group information on lease and rental agreements, security deposits and Brookhaven Town housing permits. Each student was given a handout on tenants’ rights and responsibilities for their use when looking for housing.

In addition, Solage shared many tips for tenants to stay safe and secure. For example, landlords cannot legally install cameras in the space to monitor tenants’ movements, and they cannot enter the premises without the renter’s permission.

Another aspect of renting that was discussed was the security deposit. “Before you move in, take a picture of the space that you’re renting with that day’s newspaper in the shot to verify the date,” he said. “Then, do the same thing when you’re leaving the space. That way, there is proof of the condition of the space.” According to Solage, the majority of the calls for legal help to his office are from students who can’t get their security deposit back after vacating the space.

The leasing workshop was co-sponsored by the Office of Commuter Student Services and Off Campus Living, the Graduate Student Organization and the Office of External Relations. The next Leases, Landlords and You workshop will be held on March 30, at 5:30 pm in 302 SAC.

For more information, visit the Office of Commuter Student Services website.

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