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URECA Website Highlights 10 Top Senior Researchers

The URECA website regularly features students’ perspectives on research and/or creative activities. This month, URECA showcases 10 students, all graduating seniors from the Class of 2013, who have contributed in so many ways to the research life at Stony Brook University. The featured students include:

Ista Egbeto, biology major, mentor: Robert Haltiwanger, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Renee Hartig, biology major, 
mentors: Mary Frame, Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Hoi-Chung Leung, Department of Psychology

Rachel Jaffe, English and environmental humanities major, 
mentor: Peter Manning, Bente Videbaek and Ayesha Ramachandran (consultant), Department of English

Samuel Katz, biochemistry major, mentor: Bethany Moore, University of Michigan

James Lennon, biomedical engineering major, mentor: Clinton Rubin, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Roy Lotz, anthropology major,
 mentor: David Gilmore, Department of Anthropology

Sidra Mahfooz, political science and psychology major, mentor: Robert Alessi, Department of Political Science

Kunal Mandavawala, biology major, mentor: Howard Sirotkin, Department of Neurobiology

Jon McGinn, biochemistry major,
mentor: Greg Hannon, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Virginia Mulé, anthropology and biology major, mentors: Diane Doran-Sheehy, Andreas Koenig and Clary Scarry, Department of Anthropology

Click here to learn more about each student.

Click here to see past researchers of the month.

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