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Two Young Students from Foster Care Defy Odds at Stony Brook

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A recent article in the Daily News features Kimberly Alcequiez and Xavier Roberson — both are single mothers who came from foster care. They are also undergraduate students at Stony Brook University living in campus housing with their children. Alcequiez plans to first become a paralegal and then a lawyer or lawmaker, while Roberson wants to become a doctor.

The two young women are achieving their goals of attending college through the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and Stony Brook’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), in which both students are enrolled. EOP helps disadvantaged youth obtain educational opportunities.

As stated in the article, “ACS was not really created to get kids through college, and universities were not built to educate foster students,” said Dorothy Corbett, a senior academic advisor and counselor with EOP. “There’s no precedent. We’re truly paving the way.”

Stony Brook has served many foster youth through EOP, but this is the first time the University has housed young parents living on campus with their children.

The students receive support through EOP, which helps coordinate financial aid, and their foster care agencies pay for room and board with support from ACS. They can access Stony Brook’s daycare at a low cost.

For more about these remarkable women working hard toward a better future, read the full article here.

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