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Taking the Mystery Out of CAPS


Becoming a better, happier you starts with prioritizing your health — not just bodily health, but mental health as well.  

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) isn’t just for crisis-mode when your anxiety or stress is at a breaking point. Besides counseling, CAPS also provides focus groups, workshops, affinity group discussions, guided meditations, and opportunities to work with staff to create specific student programming.

CAPS’ Let’s Talk program also gives you the chance to drop by for a brief informal discussion with a counselor. You can stop by and say hello, pick up some giveaways, or stick around to discuss anything on your mind. And the best part is that Let’s Talk sets up counselors at popular spots in the campus community so you don’t have to go far.

CAPS can provide something for everyone, but it all starts with reaching out.

Calling In

  • If you decide to call in, tell the receptionist that it’s your first time and you want to speak with a counselor. They’ll connect you with someone to discuss what you’re going through and explore different options and resources.

Walking In

  • You can visit CAPS on the second floor of the Student Health Center. When you get there, tell the receptionist that it’s your first time and you want to speak with a counselor. The process is similar to calling in, only this time the receptionist will also give you paperwork to fill out about your issue before speaking to a counselor.

The Next Step

  • During your initial contact or “triage,” a counselor will ask you questions about the issue you’re dealing with. Together, you decide what will be the best way to move forward — whether it’s utilizing the various resources at CAPS, a referral to another resource on or off campus, or individual therapy.
  • If you and your initial counselor decide together it would be best to continue at CAPS, the next step is a one-hour “intake” session with a counselor scheduled two weeks at most from your first CAPS contact. This one-hour meeting focuses on discussing your issue more in-depth and to get more background on you as a person.
  • After your intake session, you begin your treatment plan with CAPS.
  • CAPS is focused on short-term counseling. Therefore, the length of counseling is decided on an individual basis between you and the counselor.

24 Hour Support

  • Students can call CAPS After Hours and speak to a licensed mental health counselor anytime, day or night.
  • To do so, call CAPS at (631) 632- 6720; if it is after regular business hours, press 2 to speak with a counselor.

Don’t let fear or anxiety get in the way of getting help, talk to a counselor and work through your feelings to become your best self!

Joshua Pietzold

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