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8 Great Places to Study on Campus (That You May Not Know About)

It’s that time of year again. Not the holiday stretch when visions of sugar plums dance in kids’ dreams, but rather when finals are top-of-mind for most students. And with only days left until the end-of-semester gauntlet begins, Seawolves are, again, searching for the best spots to study.

In a school of more than 25,000 students, many wonder where they can find a spot to pore over a semester of lessons. While freshman may automatically gravitate toward the Frank Melville, Jr. Memorial Library’s popular reading rooms, secluded sites are the preference for upperclassmen looking to crush some last-minute cramming.

Here are the some of the best under-the-radar places we found for students to hit the books:

1. Heavy Engineering Building

Whether you’re an engineering student mastering fundamental thermodynamic theory, or just someone looking for a good place to spread out, this bright and quiet spot on the building’s second level is perfect. It even has a small kitchenette for those looking to prepare a mid-study snack.

Heavy engineering classroom

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