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Students Honored at Annual Awards Ceremony

Undergrad recog 2
Undergrad Recog 1
Vice Provost Charles L. Robbins with Ruchi Shah, honored for Excellence in Academics and recipient of two Specialized Awards, and Jack Lupfer, honored for Excellence in Leadership.

The 34th Annual Undergraduate Recognition Awards ceremony was held in the Student Activities Center on Monday, April 25, 2016. Following a welcome and opening remarks by Vice President for Student Affairs Peter Baigent and Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, the Undergraduate Recognition Awards for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement
 were announced by Charles L. Robbins, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges, and Timothy R. Ecklund, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. Several Specialized Area Awards were also presented, and a reception followed.

The awards are divided into four categories — Academic Excellence, Leadership, Community Service and Athletics — and are bestowed upon students who have significant accomplishments above and beyond the requirements of their academic degree programs.

Academic Excellence
Students whose passion for learning has extended beyond the classroom, demonstrated, for example, by excellence in research, internship or creative activity.

This year’s award recipients: Jean Adomfeh, Christy Au, Alexander Baez, Marie Baietto, Michelle Barbosa, Taylor Brant, Thang Bui, Laura Caba, Dennis Caruana, Anirudh Chandrashekar, Danling Chen, Abida Chowdhury, Joseph Clark, David Davani, Brittany Del Monico, Amanda Distefano, Jonathan Dounel, Alejandro Fritz Ruenes, Gayle Geschwind, Martin Giordano, Sugandha Gupta, Katrina Haught, Elizabeth Hermitt, Julie Kim, Maja Kornaj, Allen Lee, Nicole Libretto, Katherine Lowe, Rohan Maini, Robert Maloney, Brian Mazeski, Priscilla Moley, Parandis Nejati, Minh Nguyen, Kyle O’Connor, Michelle Olakkengil, Janki Patel, Kaitlyn Poon, Justin Ramcharitar, Shamin Sahebzada, Jonathan Schneider, Ruchi Shah, Dennis Sosa, Yiji Suh, Bryan Szeglin, Justin Thomas, Kevin Wagner and Jasmine Walker.

Students who have assumed leadership roles in a variety of University organizations, including societies, clubs, sororities, fraternities and associations.

This year’s award recipients: Joseph Arena, Paige Borak, Samantha Caruso, Colleen Cheslak, Samantha Daisy, Morgan DiCarlo, Christina Fluman, Cole Lee, Jack Lupfer, Emily Markowitz, Pawel Niksa, Emily Nocito, Wheveline Orvil, Kofi Osei-Tutu, Ravi Patel, Heather Savino, Christopher Stratis, Emma Tulip, Julio Villarman, Nicole Vogel, Caitlin Weisz and Skye Wiegman

Community Service
Students who have given generously of their time, serving in various capacities, for the benefit of the University and surrounding community.

This year’s award recipients: Stephanie Abuso, Conor Bednarski, Jessica Carpio, Elizabeth Cohen, Rachel Conti, Cyril Danielkutty, Caitlin Dowd, John Dulko, Yi Gao, Tiffany Hervas, Danielle Meyers, Jordanne Miller, Valerie San Filippo, Gabriel Vazquez and YiWan Wu.

Undergrad Recog 2
More than 20 student athletes were honored during the annual Undergraduate Recognition Ceremony.

Students who have achieved a high level of athletic performance.

This year’s award recipients: Raymond Bolden, Vince Erdei, Kathleen Fletcher, Toby Handley, Mitchell Kun, Christina Melian, Courtney Murphy, Kylie Ohlmiller, Alexandra Pisciotta, Carson Puriefoy, Jeffrey Reh, Lucas Rock, Brittany Snow, Dorrien Van Dyke and Jameel Warney.

Specialized Area Awards

Sei Sujishi Prize
Kian Avilla and Hon Ng

Outstanding Future Alumni Award
Naveen Mallangada

Babak Movahedi Senior Leadership Award
Robert Maloney

Joseph N. Campolo Award for Legal Studies
Kwabena Busia

Four graduating seniors from the School of Social Welfare received awards (from left): Danielle Meyers, Samantha Davis, Suzanne Velazquez (Director, Undergraduate Programs, Social Welfare), Heather Savino and Tiffany Hervas.
Four graduating seniors from the School of Social Welfare received awards (from left): Danielle Meyers, Samantha Davis, Suzanne Velazquez (Director, Undergraduate Programs, Social Welfare), Heather Savino and Tiffany Hervas.

Scott Middleton Student Athletic Alumni Award
Timothy Knesnik

First Alumni Award
Carly Lam

Larry Roher Entrepreneurial Achievement Award
Ruchi Shah

Gloria and Mark Snyder Award of Excellence
Crystal Ling

Alumni Association Legacy Award
Olivia Holmes

William J. Sullivan Award
Robert Maloney

Distinguished Community Service Award
Ruchi Shah

The student honorees are selected by a committee chaired by Ellen Driscoll, Assistant Dean of Students, and Amy Matkovich, Senior Staff Assistant, Undergraduate Colleges. Committee members include: Steven Adelson, Jennifer Bracero, Stacey Frawley, Tim Glotch, Cheryl Hamilton, Jessica Klare, Marci Lobel, Deborah Mayo, Ian Lesnick, Karen Mendelsohn, Rick Ricioppo, Courtney Rickard, Jarvis Watson and Urszula Zalewski.

Photos by Arthur Fredericks

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