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Students Helping Honduras Hosts Inaugural Benefit Concert

SBU Helping Honduras

Students Helping Honduras at Stony Brook University held its first ever Benefit Concert on April 29 in the Student Activities Center, Sidney Gelber Auditorium. The night was full of limitless entertainment, all for a very important cause that the event title made clear: “One Night Para Los Ninos,” or “One Night for the Children.”

SBU Helping HondurasCreated in 2006, Students Helping Honduras is a non-profit organization that works to alleviate extreme poverty and gang violence in the Central-American country through education and youth empowerment. The organization is currently closing in on $10,000 to build a school, and the concert was the last big fundraiser to help push them over the edge.

“I think this event is smart because it attracts people to donate money to the important cause,” said Ricardo Gonzalez-Argeti, a senior majoring in biology.

The national organization’s goal is to act as a sidekick to those doing work in their own community. According to Students Helping Honduras, they “are a network of students across the country who empower vulnerable children in Honduras to escape the cycle of poverty.”

Hosted by Dallan Ashdown, the official line up included Stony Brook Rock Band The Reptiles, Peter Duffy and his band, Tyler Aigotti, Sal Fratto (Elephant Jake), a solo performance by Tamrym Rosner, Stony Brook Pocket Theater and the High C’s.

“My favorite part was watching and hearing all of the different musicians. It was a really nice effort,” said Kevin Ge, a freshman economics major.

With a strumming of the guitar, beating of the drum and harmony of the singers, The Reptiles opened up the show. The powerful guitar solo and the band’s intensity made the audience full of excitement and support.

“I came to support my friends and the cause, but I also had a lot of fun watching the entire thing,” said Gonzalez-Argeti.

Following the band, Tyler Aigotti played the acoustic guitar showcasing a cover and an original song. As he closed his eyes and played guitar, audience members lit up their flashlights, swaying from side to side. Next, the Stony Brook Breakers, also known as the Woodland Savages, showcased five dancers with different breakdancing techniques.

Another highlight of the night was the Stony Brook Pocket Theater’s presentation of a snippet of their show “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Then after intermission, the Spirit of Stony Brook Rock Band played several songs including “This Love” and “Runaway Baby,” while students sang along and and danced.

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