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Register for the String-Math Conference at The Simons Center

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The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics is hosting the third annual String-Math Conference 2013 June 17 to June 21. The Conference brings together mathematicians and physicists who work on ideas related to string theory. String theory, as well as quantum field theory, has contributed a series of profound ideas that gave rise to entirely new mathematical fields and revitalized older ones. There is a large and rapidly growing number of mathematicians and physicists working at the string-theoretic interface between the two academic fields. The influence flows in both directions, with mathematical techniques and ideas contributing crucially to major advances in string theory.

For mathematics, string theory has been a source of many significant inspirations, ranging from Seiberg-Witten theory in four-manifolds, to enumerative geometry and Gromov-Witten theory in algebraic geometry, to work on the Jones polynomial in knot theory, to advances in symplectic topology, to recent progress in the geometric Langlands program and the development of derived algebraic geometry and n-category theory.

In the other direction, mathematics has provided physicists with powerful tools, ranging from differential geometric techniques for solving or analyzing key partial differential equations, to toric geometry, to K-theory and derived categories in D-branes, to the analysis of Calabi-Yau manifolds and string compactifications, to the use of modular forms and other arithmetic techniques.

String-Math is the annual conference that was founded to reflect the most significant progress at the interface of string theory and mathematics.

Speakers at the 2013 conference include Mohammed Abouzaid, Dan Freed, Alexander Goncharov, Marco Gualtieri, Sergei Gukov, Dominic Joyce, Boris Pioline, Slava Rychkov, Natalia Saulina, Sakura Schafer-NamekiPierre Vanhove and Eric Zaslow.

This year’s conference organizing committee includes Alexander Abanov, Michael Douglas, Ljudmila Kamenova, Claude LeBrun, John Morgan, Nikita Nekrasov, Leonardo Rastelli and Martin Rocek.

Click here to register. Registration is not required to attend the talks, but the registration fee includes meals (breakfast and lunch) during the conference.

• New and exotic supersymmetric field theories
• Localization and gauge theory
• Gauge theory and Khovanov homology
• Perturbative amplitudes
• Topological phases of matter
• Gauge theory angle at integrability
• Homological mirror symmetry
• Categorical constructions of topological field theories
• Mathematical string phenomenology
• Non-perturbative dualities, F-theory
• Wall-crossing formulas
• Hitchin systems
• Geometric Langlands
• Arithmetic of strings
• Gromov-Witten theory and enumerative geometry
• A-twisted Landau-Ginzburg models
• String topology
• Elliptic cohomology
• Heterotic mirror symmetry
• Topological T duality
• Superstring scattering amplitudes
• Chiral de Rham complexes
• Noncommutative geometry

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