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Staller Center hosts Brentwood Students for Free Performance

Sid science kid staller 1
Wolfie greets Brentwood School District students attending “Science the Kid Live” as part of Staller Center’s Educational Outreach program (photo by John Griffin).

Fourteen buses filled with 750 first and second graders from Brentwood School District’s Twin Pines and Laurel Park Elementary Schools arrived at Stony Brook University’s Staller Center on May 5 to see Jim Henson’s Sid the Science Kid Live. The transportation and performance was free for the Brentwood students as an initiative of Staller Center’s Educational Outreach program.

Paul Newland, outreach director, arranged for the students to be greeted by Wolfie. “The kids were delighted to have Wolfie give a ‘high-five’ to them as they came off the buses,” said Newland, “and they enjoyed the show, giving it their full attention.”

Sid the Science Kid featured full-size puppets on stage in a sketch-comedy format to promote science-readiness by encouraging kids’ instinctive curiosity about the world around them.

The puppeteers and actors from Sid the Science Kid performed for the public on May 4 and had a second show exclusively for the Brentwood students the next morning.

To find out more about outreach activities, please call the Staller Center Outreach and Education office at (631) 632-7238.

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