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Simons Center Lecture: Mysteries of the Universe and Everyday Life, September 5

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As part of the ATLAS Flavor Tagging/Higgs to bb Workshop at Stony Brook University, the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics is hosting a free public lecture, “Mysteries of the Universe and Everyday Life,” on Tuesday September 5, at 5:30 pm in the Della Pietra Family Auditorium, Room 103 at the Simons Center. 

In the past few decades, we have learned a great deal about the basic laws of physics in the infinitely small – and the infinitely large – and how the two are intimately connected. New windows have expanded our understanding, and many unexpected questions have emerged. This is an exhilarating time in history. New tools, both theoretical and observational, may lead in the next decade to major advances in our understanding of the universe. As in the past, when major discoveries are made about the fundamental laws of nature, not only is our view of the world enriched, but also our life is transformed.

A good place to explore the discoveries from the past decades is in the description of symmetry, symmetry breaking and the Higgs boson in High Energy Physics — why, how and where to — in a nutshell. This talk will present what we know and what we seek in the fundamental laws of nature, how we go about answering basic questions in high energy experiments, how much we have learned, and how the technical developments needed to make discoveries have changed society. It will also delineate the boundaries of our knowledge and the known unknowns in fundamental high energy physics and cosmology.

Speakers include Michelangelo Mangano, Head of the LHC Physics Center at CERN; Young-Kee Kim, Chair of the Department of Physics, University of Chicago, and Former Deputy Director, FERMILAB; and Joe Lykken, Deputy Director, FERMILAB.

Click here for more information and biographies on each speaker.

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