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SBU Outperforms Competition in Recyclemania 2016

Wolfie recycling

wolfie-recyclingThe final numbers are in and Stony Brook had the best performance ever in RecycleMania 2016, an eight-week recycling competition that ended April 2.

Out of more than 350 participating schools, Stony Brook placed first in the contest for total e-waste recycled with 101,580 lbs., and fifth in the contest in per capita e-waste recycled.

In addition, Stony Brook beat every other participating SUNY school in six different categories.

“I would like to thank all who participated and made this year’s contest such a remarkable success,” said Connell Friel, associate director of facilities. “A special note of thanks goes to our Recycling crew — Chris Lilly, John Lamando and Mark Redding, who, although only three, somehow performed the work of a six-man crew for the entire eight-week contest. Equally important were James Ambroise, who led the effort, and Daryl Schiebl, who provided invaluable logistical support.”

Stony Brook’s Recyclemania 2016 Final Standings

E-Waste Total:  Placed 1st in total e-waste

E-Waste, per capita:  Placed 5th in per capita e-waste

Paper:  Placed 11th in paper

Cardboard:  Placed 16th in cardboard

Gorilla:  Placed 36th in the gorilla category (total gross tonnage recycled)

Per Capita Classic:  Placed 57th per capita classic

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