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Reflective Safety Gear Lights up Campus


Reflective merchandise is everywhere on campus this fall. Incoming students are receiving red backpacks and reflective vests that glow in the dark; the Alumni Association is giving out reflective bracelets; the Seawolves MarketPlace is selling a variety of reflective gear such as key chains, bike lights, Wolfie patches, and more; and LaValle Stadium guards have reflective logos on their jackets.

Students with reflective gear
Students with reflective gear

The reflective merchandise is part of a larger safety program, “Be Seen. Be Safe,” which evolved out of a need to have students who are walking or biking on campus at night be more visible to cars and other pedestrians.

“Key components of pedestrian and bicycle safety are self-awareness and awareness of others around you,” said David Scarzella, director of Residential Risk Management. “When walking, jogging or biking at night, it is essential that light-colored or reflective clothing is worn and headphones are lowered to hear the sounds of approaching vehicles.”

Stony Brook University has an ongoing, wide-ranging campus campaign to promote and cultivate a safe and responsible environment for personal, traffic and pedestrian safety. “Serious About Safety” focuses on the safety of all members of the community, emphasizing education and personal responsibility. The goal is to help students be safe in all aspects of their lives by raising awareness about personal safety habits and behaviors to help prevent future tragedies.

For more information on how you can stay safe on campus, visit


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