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Provost’s Lecture on Japan Earthquake March 23

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dan-davisDan Davis, a professor in Stony Brook’s Department of Geosciences, will give a Provost’s Lecture, “The Earthquake in Japan: What Happened and Why?” on Wednesday, March 23, at 12:40 pm in the Javits Center, Room 110.

Davis is a geophysicist who specializes in tectonics. His research concentrates on the mechanics of convergent plate boundaries, both the continent-continent collisions that create great mountain belts and subduction boundaries like Japan. His other areas of research include the application of geophysics to studies of the recent geological history of Long Island and to nuclear arms control.  Davis is former faculty director of Stony Brook’s Honors College and co-author of Turn Left at Orion, a well-known guide to amateur astronomers.

The devastating tsunami and the frightening nuclear crisis in Japan began with one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded. Japan is located at a very active plate boundary, and its tectonic setting places it at high risk for powerful earthquakes, including the type most likely to produce tsunamis. Davis will explore why and how this devastating earthquake and tsunami occurred and what modern geology and seismology can tell us about the future seismic hazards on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

This talk is co-sponsored by the Japan Center at Stony Brook.

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