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Planting, Growing and Harvesting Radishes in Stony Brook’s Leafy Green Machine

Freight Farm radishes

Using the latest farm-management technologies, the Freight Farm has brought a new vegetable to campus.

Freight Farm radishesStony Brook’s Freight Farm, a hydroponic farm housed inside of a converted shipping container, has been growing radishes to share with the campus community. The Freight Farm has been growing radishes without soil, and managing their growth through live camera feeds and a smartphone app.

Ilka St. Denis ‘20, a biology major with special interests in sustainability and botany, has been working at the Freight Farm this semester. “The radishes were actually my first harvest with the Freight Farm, and it was so great to see something grow from a small seed into a nutritious vegetable! It was also nice to see that all of our efforts paid off, and overall it was a very rewarding experience,” she said.

The total harvest of radishes from the Freight Farm was five pounds. Radishes were used on vegan salads offered at Roth Food Court’s Smash n’ Shake and the stir-fry station.

Radishes are members of the root family and are crunchy, delicious and sweet additions to salads. Many chefs also use the leaves of root vegetables in their dishes, so growing these crops offers two ingredients in one.

Freight Farm
The Freight Farm has been growing radishes without soil.

Outside of their taste, radishes also provide an array of health benefits. “Radishes are a fantastic way of receiving vitamins E, A, C, B6 and K,” said Laura Martorano, Stony Brook’s Campus Registered Dietitian. She encourages students to eat more radishes, especially as the seasons change. “If you haven’t introduced radishes into your diet, do so, for the purpose of helping boost your immunity.”

Radishes can also improve your skin, curb obesity and keep you hydrated due to the antioxidants, dietary fiber and minerals they provide. “Radishes can also help with digestion and reduce inflammation!” Martorano added.

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