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Ombuds Office Spring 2020 Workshops

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The Ombuds Office provides confidential and impartial assistance for staff, faculty and students by listening to their concerns, facilitating communication and conflict resolution, and offering information and referral. For more information on any of these workshops and to sign up, please click here or contact the office at (631) 632-9200. All workshops are offered at both East and West Campus locations.

Ombuds 1Communicating Across Generations

In today’s workplace, it is likely one will have co-workers of varying ages. This presentation will highlight the historical context, values and preferred methods of communication, while providing you with the knowledge, tools and techniques to successfully communicate with people of all generations.

February 25, Tuesday, 12-1 pm, Frey Hall, Rm. 211 (West Campus)

March 4, Wednesday, 12-1 pm, Health Sciences Center (HSC/East Campus), Level 2, Rm. 101

Managing Up: Addressing Challenging Situations

Do you find it difficult: 1) to be understood? 2) to be treated professionally and respectfully? 3) to be included in decisions that directly relate to your work, study or research? or 4) to feel that your recommendations to improve your work/study environment are heard and considered?  These and other scenarios that you bring to the workshop will be discussed in breakout groups.  Then, we’ll come together to share helpful strategies to improve your relationship with your manager, supervisor, advisor or professor.  To provide context for this workshop, there will be a brief introduction about managing up and definitions of different management styles.

February 24, Monday, 12-1 pm, Frey Hall, Rm. 226 (West Campus)

March 5, Thursday, 12-1 pm, Health Sciences Center (HSC/East Campus), Level 2, Rm. 1B

Test Your Knowledge About Conflict: Take the Conflict Awareness Quiz

There are many myths about conflict. Some of them relate to our experiences as children witnessing how relationships worked or did not work and how conflict was resolved or not resolved. These early experiences shaped how we think and feel about conflict and can influence how we handle conflict as adults. This workshop challenges our understanding about conflict. Together we will dispel the myths about conflict.

February 27, Thursday, 12-1 pm, Frey Hall, Rm. 226 (West Campus)

March 3, Tuesday, 12-1 pm, Health Sciences Center (HSC/East Campus) Level 2, Rm. 1B

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