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Ombuds Office Spring 2018 Workshops


The Ombuds Office provides confidential and impartial assistance for staff, faculty and students by listening to their concerns, facilitating communication and conflict resolution, and offering information and referral. For more information on any of these workshops and to sign up, please click here or contact the Office of the University Ombudsman at (631) 632-9200. All workshops are offered at both East and West Campus locations.

Team Building – Working Effectively Together
Working with others toward a common goal can be both rewarding and at times frustrating. This workshop will cover the following topics: team development, team roles and behavior, characteristics of effective teams, and dysfunctional team behavior. It will also address the vital importance that relationships play in team communication. (Team assessment questionnaire to be completed prior to workshop.)
Monday, April 2, 12 pm to 1 pm, HSC, Level 2, Room 160
Wednesday, April 4, 1 pm to 2 pm, Humanities Building, Room 3018

Having Respectful and Effective Conversations
Differences often arise from a lack of communication. We tend to focus more on our own point of view, particularly during difficult conversations. We forget to try to fully understand the other person’s perspective. This workshop is designed to: help us understand why we may avoid difficult conversations, define what a difficult conversation is and prepare for a conversation that is based on mutual respect and trust. We will review the importance of active listening skills as a foundation to effective conversations.
Wednesday, March 28, 1 to 2 pm, Humanities Building, Room 3018
Thursday, April 12, 12 pm to 1 pm, HSC, Level 3, Room 155 

Creating a Positive Environment
It’s everyone’s responsibility to support a healthy, safe and respectful community. We all play a role in the culture that we help to create each day. When incivility occurs, there are services available where we can find information and guidance without fear of retaliation. We will also discuss building a culture of respect and civility, identifying causes of incivility/bullying behaviors, and understanding the types of bullying.
Wednesday, April 11, 1 to 2 pm, Humanities Building, Room 3018
Thursday, April 19,  12 pm to 1 pm, HSC, Level 3, Room.155 

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