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NRHH Honors SBU Bus Drivers

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BusDriverAppreciationBus Driver Appreciation has become a highlighted tradition for National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) members. This initiative is about honoring the hard work of Stony Book bus drivers.

On October 10, NRHH members gathered to paint creative signs demonstrating their appreciation for bus drivers. The signs were brightly colored with sayings such as, “You Drive the Express Bus to My Heart,” “Our Love for You Is Automatic, No Need for Stick Shift,” “You Rock and Roll,” and just the simple “Thank You.”

On Wednesday, October 13, during Campus Lifetime, NRHH members gathered to cheer on the bus drivers at the Student Activities Center loop. Running energetically from bus to bus, members shouted, sang, and personally thanked the bus drivers. Additionally, they encouraged every passenger to personally thank their driver.

This marked the third time NRHH held the Bus Driver Appreciation event, and members seemed to enjoy it more than ever. New members and old had fun cheering and were happy to see that the bus drivers were appreciative of their efforts. One bus driver even exited her bus just to hug NRHH members. The day was a definite success, and NRHH looks forward to continuing this much-loved tradition.

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