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Making Use of Diversity: Bridging the Gaps Between Disciplines

The goal of this two-part program is to make use of cultural diversity as an aid in spanning the academic gap formed by the artificial barricades that often separate disciplines. This program is co-sponsored by Stony Brook University Libraries, Department of Music, Department of History, and Department of English.

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Wednesday, April 11, Wang Center Room 201, 12 pm to 3 pm
Part 1 of the program includes four presenters who will discuss history and current events that have affected and continue to affect native peoples.

The presenters are:
Dr. Lee Bitsoi, Stony Brooks Chief Diversity Officer (Navajo): A historicism in the Native American Experience

Professor Paul Kelton: Natives and the American Story: How Indigenous Peoples Challenge Us to Rethink U.S. History

Alumni Jeremy Dennis (Shinnecock): Shares his photographic portfolio in relation to contemporary indigenous lifestyle, representations, and presence in America

Douglas George Kanentiio (Mohawk): Indigenous America and Current Issues; the American Revolution Colonialism and Influx of Disease and Health Decline; Environmental Change and DAPL, Native Journalism and Education

Wednesday, April 11, Staller Center, 8 pm
Part 2 of the program features a performance by Grammy-Award Winning Oneida musician Joanne Shenandoah, artist, actor, peace advocate, humanitarian, environmental justice supporter, and women’s studies lecturer. She is a founding member of the Hiawatha Institute and was co-chair for the Attorney General’s National Task Force of Children Exposed to Violence for the Department of Justice.

April 4 through April 20
As part of this diversity program, an exhibit by Jeremy Dennis, “Stories, From Where We Came,” will be on display on the second floor of the Staller Center.

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