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Leading Game Theorists Gather for Annual Conference at Stony Brook

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game-theory-logoThe Stony Brook Center for Game Theory will once again bring prominent game theorists and leading economists from around the world to Stony Brook University for its annual summer festival. The 27th International Conference on Game Theory will be held July 17 through July 21 at the Charles B. Wang Center.

The summer activities focus not only on game theory, but also on its applications, particularly in economics. Click here for the complete schedule of talks during the five-day conference.

The Game Theory Conference includes two workshops; the first on Complex Auctions and Practice, runs from July 9 through July 11, and the second workshop on Complex Auctions and Practice runs from July 14 through July 15.

More About the Center
The Stony Brook Center for Game Theory, formerly the Center for Game Theory in Economics, evolved from the Institute for Decision Sciences (IDS), established at Stony Brook University in 1989. The Center has organized nearly 100 international conferences and workshops, and has hosted more than 2,500 scientists since its establishment. According to Nobel Laureate Kenneth Arrow, resident and affiliated members of the Center constitute “a Game Theory group that is unequaled in the United States, if not in the world.”


The impact of game theory on economics and other disciplines in the social and natural sciences is pervasive. Its concepts and techniques have become commonplace in the study of industrial organization, international trade, bargaining and the economics of information, to name just a few economic applications. Uses of game theory in non-economic areas include studies of legislative institutions, voting behavior, communication and persuasion, fashion, revolutions and popular uprisings, international conflicts, and evolutionary biology.

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  • I attended this conference in 2016 and I was highly amazed with all the different speakers and their ability to communicate their knowledge.

    The best speaker I found was Tarun Sabarwal (University of Kansas), where he spoke about Strategic Complements in Two Stage, 2×2 Games .

    I took notes from that lecture and still refer back to them when required.