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Join the “Ready, Set, Move!” Wellness Challenge


It’s time to get outside and go with the annual “Ready, Set, Move!” Wellness Walking Challenge, which will take place during a 10-week period (April 24 through July 2).

How to Participate
shoesPlease register ASAP (program begins Monday, April 24). During registration, you will be asked to choose a challenge track. Options include:

  • Participation (individual): This track rewards regular instances of walking versus competition. New for 2017, the program is not limited to walking solely; the goal is to accumulate a minimum of 30 minutes of any cardiovascular exercise (e.g. walking, running, jogging, cycling, elliptical, etc.) per day at least four times per week.
  • Competition (team): This track rewards teams that have the highest average number of miles walked per team member during the course of the entire 10 weeks.
  • Both: Double your chances of winning Healthier U prizes by participating in both tracks.

Once registered, you will receive a welcome email containing more program details.

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