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Humane Geese Control to Begin on Campus

Right now there are more than 360 Canada geese on our campus causing safety hazards near roads and raising public health concerns, with tons of excrement and feathers left on lawns, athletic fields and walkways. They are overgrazing the grass, causing algae to grow in ponds and exhibiting aggressive behavior near nesting birds.

The Humane Society and PETA Humane Goose Control Solutions recommend the use of border collies for humanely scaring away geese. This accepted practice is used by various agencies, municipalities and other colleges. Beginning this month, trained handlers will bring the dogs on campus. The geese will view the collies as a predatory threat and want to avoid them, ultimately leaving the area to fly to safer ground. The dogs will not catch or harm the geese or touch their nests or eggs.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please call Environmental Health and Safety at (631) 632-6410.

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