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Play the Game of Life, Stony Brook Edition

Game of life

Have you ever played the Game of Life? If so, you’ve never played like this. Money $mart Seawolves presents the Life After SBU edition, which will give you the opportunity to navigate life for a month based on the salary of your intended career. You will use a budget and visit a variety of stations where you will have to pay for the life choices you make.

Game of LifeWhy should you play? Well, this is going to give you the opportunity to learn some really valuable financial lessons. You’ll have access to information on:

  • Jobs and salary based on your major/career choice
  • Going to graduate school and finding funding
  • Your student loan payment and options
  • Tax withholdings and what they’re all about
  • Housing, utilities and other cost of living expenses
  • Eating well on a budget and speak to a dietician
  • Transportation and different insurance options
  • Saving, debt/credit management and much more

Play Life After SBU on Thursday, March 23, for 30 minutes between 12 pm and 4 pm in the Student Activities Center, Ballroom A. These 30 minutes could help put you on the right path to a solid financial future.

Pre-Register Here

Walk-ins are welcome, too. Pre-registering helps with preparing your materials in advance and you will receive a reminder email.

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