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Find Your Favorite Foods Faster with the New Nutrislice App


NutrisliceCampus Dining has introduced the Nutrislice mobile app, which enables users to see the menus for all of their favorite on-campus dining venues right from their phone.

Once you download the app, start using these great features!

Save Time, View Menus Before Going to the Dining Location

Easily view the menu options in all of the dining locations directly from your phone. When an item changes online, it is automatically synced and your Nutrislice app will then have the most up-to-date menu options.

Apply Filters for Your Preferences

If you have certain dietary preferences, you do not need to search each dining location to find the foods you want, you can use filters. For instance, if you are looking for only items that are vegetarian, include that as your filter and see only those options highlighted in yellow on the menu. You can also use a filter if you have a food allergy so that the items that you are allergic to will be crossed out on the menus.

Find Nutrition Content

You can view the nutrition content in menus options so that you can make a smart and healthy choice.

Stay Updated

The Nutrislice app is a great way to stay in touch with everything food related happening on campus. If there are special events going on, like an international-themed food night, you will automatically be notified.

Android and Apple users can download the Nutrislice app and then select Stony Brook University as their campus. Also, you can choose English or Spanish as a language preference for the app.


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