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SBPressAre you looking for an old issue of the Stony Brook Press? Or maybe you need to review minutes from a University Senate meeting or want to look at the 1986 Specula yearbook. You can do all this and more on DSpace at Stony Brook University (SBU DSpace), our official archive of electronic files.

DSpace is an open source, institutional repository system created to publish and store digital and electronic scholarship created by an academic institution. SBU DSpace is part of SUNY DSpace, a cooperative SUNY initiative to provide access to electronic publications and research produced by its campuses.

SUNY DSpace is organized by “communities.” Each participating campus is a “community” and can include an infinite number of “sub-communities” or “collections.” Additionally, each collection can contain an unlimited number of digital files.

SBU DSpace is administered by University Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives, which acquires, distributes, and preserves digital content. SBU DSpace is divided into “sub-communities,” each representing specific units at Stony Brook, including official colleges, schools, centers, academic departments, and administrative departments.

The DSpace database is filled with digital content that supports research and teaching, and with items that document the history of the University. Among the material included on SBU DSpace are administrative documents, campus publications, records of university governance, meeting minutes from student clubs and organizations, University photographs (1957 to present), multi-media collections (videos of campus events and audio files of faculty/staff interviews), archival collections, technical reports, specialty publications (faculty memoirs and anniversary brochures), and library and teaching material.

“The next phase of the DSpace initiative is to acquire scholarship and research in electronic form produced by Stony Brook faculty and staff,” said Kristen Nyitray, Head of Stony Brook’s Special Collections and University Archives. However, we need additional resources to embark on this important project. If these requirements are met, the Libraries will actively solicit digital content from the campus community.”

For a listing of SBU DSpace content

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