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Elizabeth Kolbert Coming to Humanities Institute November 21

Elizabeth kolbert
Elizabeth Kolbert

Acclaimed journalist and author Elizabeth Kolbert will present a seminar at the Humanities Institute (HISB) followed by a public lecture, “Welcome to the Anthropocene,” on Thursday, November 21, at 4:30 pm in Humanities 1006. The School of Journalism is also hosting a lunch in her honor at the Melville Library.

Kolbert is best known for her book, Field Notes from a Catastrophe, in which she takes on the subject of global warming and discusses what can be done to save our planet. The book began as a groundbreaking three-part series, “The Climate of Man,” in The New Yorker, for which she won a National Magazine Award in 2006, the 2006 National Academies Communication Award and the 2005 American Association for the Advancement of Science Journalism Award. Kolbert has been a writer for The New Yorker since 1999.

“The Humanities Institute is honored to host this eminent guest,” said E. Ann Kaplan, Distinguished Professor of English and Cultural Analysis and Theory in the College of Arts and Sciences, and founding director of the HISB. “Her regular New Yorker columns are models for communicating science about climate change. She is the poet of catastrophe in this area, given the lucidity and brilliant structure of her essays.”

Kolbert’s visit is the culmination of two related lecture series in conjunction with HISB’s CHCI/Mellon project, “Humanities for the Environment: Science, Politics and Ecologies of Value,” and the Dean’s Lecture Series.

Please visit the HISB website for more information or call the HISB at (631) 632-9957.

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