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Undergrads: Are You Using “Degree Works” to Stay on Track?

Degree works

Degree Works is a web-based advising tool and degree audit program that Stony Brook University undergraduates and their advisors can use to make sure students stay on track toward their degrees. It provides up-to-date information that shows which major, minor, specialization and general education requirements have already been fulfilled and which ones still need to be completed. AP, transfer credit and study abroad credit are visible as well.

The Degree Audit in Degree Works is divided into block requirements such as Degree (overall requirements for graduation), Major (major-specific requirements), and Fall-through (courses that don’t pertain to the degree, excluded courses and courses not successfully completed). The blocks work like a checklist with boxes that are automatically marked when a requirement is met or is in progress.

When using Degree Works, students will be able to:

  • See degree requirements for DEC/SBC(s), major(s), minor(s), specialization(s)
  • See how completed courses and courses in progress apply to degree requirements
  • Identify courses needed to complete a degree
  • View grades and overall GPA
  • See how AP/transfer credits are used to satisfy degree requirements

For more information, watch the video or visit the website.

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