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The Debbie Whittemore Scholarship 5K Race Returns for 2017

Debbie whittemore run

Debbie Whittemore runThe Debbie Whittemore Memorial 5K Race and Scholarship are presented by Stony Brook University in memory of Debbie Whittemore, former Athletic Training student and Intramural Program employee. She was an exceptional student during her college years, 1987 to 1994, as well as a committed intramural employee and dedicated student athletic trainer.

Tragically, Debbie lost her life during Summer 1994 in a senseless car crash; she was the victim of a drunk driver. Just two days before her death, Debbie began her career as a nurse at Stony Brook University Hospital, a profession in which she would have excelled with her selflessness and concern for others.

To honor her memory, Campus Recreation and Athletic Training established the Debbie Whittemore Endowed Scholarship Fund and Debbie Whittemore 5K Race. According to those who knew her, this is exactly what Debbie would have wanted — to provide opportunities for students to receive an education and go on to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

The Debbie Whittemore Scholarship is awarded annually to two undergraduate students who display outstanding academic excellence and have made significant contributions to student life and athletics on the campus and within the community. The deadline for submission is March 24. The scholarship application can be found here.  

Proceeds from the 5K race go directly to the scholarship fund. This year’s run will be held on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 9:30 am.

To submit scholarship applications and/or to register for the race, please visit the Campus Recreation website.

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