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Career Center Director Marianna Savoca Featured in Reuters Blog

Marianna 1
Mariana Savoca
Career Center Director Mariana Savoca

An interview with Marianna Savoca, Director of Stony Brook University’s Career Center, is featured on a blog associated with Thomson Reuters’ bibliographical software EndNote.

In a post entitled “Matchmaking: How to get your first research job,” Reuters blogger Sarah Tanksalvala summarizes Savoca’s advice to job-seekers in the field: “Getting any job is about matching a candidate with an opportunity, and the key to getting an academic job is to show how your skills and experiences can fit into a given academic community.”

“In your right hand, there’s all you know about you, and in your left hand, all you know about the industry,” Savoca says. “That’s where the fun starts, because as you begin to apply for opportunities, you’re going to use both of those knowledge bases to present yourself as the best match or candidate.”

Savoca began her career in development/alumni relations. She came to Stony Brook in 1997 and has held the director post since 2000. Professionally, she is an experienced speaker, has held leadership roles in several career development organizations, consulted for university career centers domestically and internationally, and has been recognized with several awards for excellence, including a Fulbright Award for Administrators in International Education, the NSEE Rising Leader Award, and the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service. Marianna earned a BS from SUNY Binghamton, MS from Indiana University, and is currently working on a doctorate.

To read the entire interview, visit the EndNote site.




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