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Brooklyn Roasting Company Reduces Your Environmental Impact One Cup at a Time

Brooklyn Roasting Company

The Faculty Student Association (FSA) and CulinArt are proud to serve coffee from the Brooklyn Roasting Company (BRC), which supports sustainable, environmentally friendly farming and trade practices that provide tangible benefits for farmers and other workers all along the coffee supply chain. Its name celebrates Brooklyn’s cultural institutions and its colorful character as a borough, which is imitated and curated into the types of coffee they serve to customers.  

Brooklyn Roasting Company

The Brooklyn Roasting Company constantly strives to lessen its impact on the environment by reusing and recycling metal canisters and using vintage or built-in-house furniture in its cafes. Through a partnership with Fair Trade USA, the company works to ensure that its products meet locally determined standards of sustainability, safety, humane treatment and fair wages.

The FSA and CulinArt recently went on a coffee roasting tour at the Brooklyn Roasting Company to see the actual planning and roasting firsthand. Dan Finn, Head of Business Development and Key Partnerships, explained their program, Color of Coffee’s packaging concept. He stated, “Underneath the surface of the coffee are these wonderful flavors. For example, a lemony flavor in our Ethiopia Washed coffee, you can resonate that with yellow or our deep-dark chocolate Sumatra with brown. You can actually see on our packaging these swirls and that’s what the Color of Coffee is all about celebrating the diverse coffees we source and roast.”

At the recent SBU Eats Food Expo on October 16, Brooklyn Roasting Coffee offered a product sampling and educated guests about coffee’s rich history, where it comes from and how your favorite barista makes delicious espresso every time. 

Brooklyn Roasting Company

“FSA is proud to support local companies by bringing their products to campus because when you buy local, it helps business local to you, the community prospers and people become more connected,” stated Van Sullivan, FSA Executive Director.

Brooklyn Roasting Company’s coffee can be found at three locations on campus: Urban Eats and Healthy by Nature at East Side Dining and the Administration Cart.  

Brooklyn Roasting Company’s flagship cafe is located on Jay Street in Brooklyn at the former Arbuckle Brothers coffee factory, which dominated the coffee importing and roasting industry many, many years ago.

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