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Bookstore Makes eTextbooks More Efficient

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etextcalcIn a push to provide students with more eco-friendly textbook buying options, the University Bookstore has been working to increase the amount of eTextbooks available for sale. These eTextbooks are competitively priced and offer students the opportunity to download entire textbooks onto their personal laptops, desktop computers, and in the near future, the Apple i-pad and conceivably other e-reader devices.

eTextbooks allow students to highlight, make notes, and even print some pages so that they can avoid carrying heavy textbooks around campus. With the addition of the free NOOKstudy application, students will have easier access to digital reference materials and multiple text sources without having to resort to separate printed sources. NOOKstudy is available for use on desktop computers, laptops, and for this fall season an i-pad app is scheduled to be available .

“Today, students demand choices and options regarding content, format, and pricing,” said Bookstore Manager Boon Teo. “We are offering students the formats, channels, and price points they want.”

eTextbooks also eliminate the need for students to sell back their books at the end of the semester. Time, copy, and print restrictions have been set by the publishers for each text. Each eTextbook’s copy, print, and other usage restrictions are listed both in the store and on the bookstore Web site.

etextfinanceAt present, the Bookstore has more than 400 titles available in digital format, and the list is growing every day as publishers make more titles available. eTextbook redemption cards are sold at the Bookstore just like traditional textbooks, and students enter the unique code printed on the redemption card online after purchase. The eTextbook begins downloading immediately and is then ready for use. eTextbooks can be purchased with the Bookstore Campus Account, allowing students to defer payment against financial aid or pay in monthly installments using the Time Option Payment Plan.

With the recent increase in eTextbooks available to students, the Bookstore is providing its customers an affordable and easy way to purchase and carry their course materials. To see the vast selection of eTextbooks that are available for sale, go to the University Bookstore or check out and For more information regarding NOOKstudy, visit

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