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Asian Market Opens in Wang Center

People from all across campus enjoyed the grand opening of Jasmine Market, a new 550-square-foot mini-mart located in the Charles B. Wang Center.

Asian market
Asian market in the Charles B. Wang Center

Participating students enjoyed samples of the new snacks available at Jasmine Market. Those who were lucky enough to win an Instagram contest by campus dining, relished in the opportunity to take part in a sushi rolling demo, headed by Chef Double O from Sushi-Do in Jasmine.

The store, which opened February 22, is stacked to the brim with international grocery items, snacks, and Pan-Asian beverages. One student said the snacks reminded him of home. By reviewing student needs, FSA and CulinArt has made it easier for people to purchase the items they love and want, to much fanfare from students, staff, and faculty, said Van Sullivan, FSA executive director.

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