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5 Tips to Dress Your Best on Your Commencement

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You’ve made it! After studying so hard, cramming for tests and finishing all those assignments, the day is finally here! Your loved ones will be joining you, proud and happy to see you accomplish this important milestone and will be taking many pictures that day, so you need to look your best.

Here are some tips to help you look sharp and be comfortable on Commencement Day:

  1. Wear comfy shoes. It is probably not a good idea to wear brand new shoes. You will be walking and standing a lot, so wear shoes that look good, but that also feel good on your feet.
  2. Check the weather forecast. 2. Check the weather forecast. Spring weather can be iffy, so dress accordingly. This 2019 Commencement calls for a sunny and warm 70 degrees, so make sure you are wearing the right clothing and shoes. 
  3. Dress smart. Yes, you will be wearing a gown, but what you wear underneath matters! You will be taking many pictures with family and friends and perhaps going out later. Choose an outfit that looks good with and without the cap and gown and that doesn’t wrinkle easily.
  4. Get some Zzzs. It is normal to have butterflies in your stomach before the Big Day and you might want to hang out with friends on campus one last time, but make sure you get some sleep. You will feel refreshed and look bright-eyed and alert in your Commencement photos.
  5. Be unique. A great way to stand out is to decorate your cap. Share your photos on social media and don’t forget to use the #SBUGradCap hashtag. 

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