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Best- Selling Author Gail Sheehy Joins Stony Brook Medicine Experts at Women’s Health Day

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Best- Selling Author Gail Sheehy Joins Stony Brook Medicine Experts at Women’s Health Day

Influential author talks about “Sex and the Seasoned Woman” Experts to strike a chord with women on hot health topics

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STONY BROOK, NY, October 15, 2013 – Gail Sheehy, journalist, lecturer, and author of 15 books including New York Times bestseller “Passages” and “Sex and the Seasoned Woman,” knows a thing or two about living a passionate life. Sheehy will share her knowledge as the keynote speaker at Stony Brook Medicine’s first Women’s Health Day on Saturday, Oct. 19, at the Melville Marriott.
Sheehy, known best for breaking the taboo surrounding menopause; opening the dialogue about divorce, remarriage and living passionately in second adulthood, will speak on “Seasoned Women: Pursing the Passionate Life,” celebrating the surge in vitality among baby boomers. Her presentation will include stories of women she has interviewed and reveals “an intimate revolution taking place under our very noses.”
“As life spans grow longer, women — once free of the exhausting demands of young children and career building — find themselves ready to pursue the passionate life,” Sheehy said. “They embrace their second adulthood as a period of reawakening.”
Sheehy, a native of Mamaroneck, NY and graduate of University of Vermont and Columbia University, joins health experts from Stony Brook Medicine on topics like heart disease, breast health, migraines, weight management and exercise.
The half-day event will run from 8:30 am to 1 pm and includes breakfast and lunch. There is a registration fee of $25 per person. For more information go to

•    “Heart Prevention Strategies: What You Need to Tell Your Daughter…Even Though She Won’t Listen” – Kathleen Stergiopoulos, MD, PhD, Co-Director, Women’s Heart Program, Stony Brook University Heart Institute
•    “Options that Work: What to Do When Your Weight is Weighing Heavy on Your Mind” – Aurora Pryor, MD, Chief, General Surgery Division; and Director, Bariatric and Metabolic Weight Loss Center, Stony Brook Medicine
•    “Caregiving Strategies for the Sandwich Generation” – Donna Buehler, LCSW, Social Worker; Director, Organizational Wellness, Stony Brook University
•    “Causes, Triggers and Treatments for Migraines and Beyond” – Warren Spinner, DO, Neurologist, Stony Brook University Neurosciences Institute
•    “The Venus and Mars of Heart Disease: Why It’s Different for Women” – Allison McLarty, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon; Co-Director, Ventricular Assist Device Program, Stony Brook University Heart Institute
•    “Bosom Buddies: What You and ‘Your Girls’ Need to Know About Breast Health” – Christine Rizk, MD, Surgeon, Division of Breast Surgery, Stony Brook Medicine
•    “Out of the Closet and Into the Mainstream: Tummy Tucks, Facelifts and Liposuction” – Tara L. Huston, MD, Surgeon, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division, Stony Brook Medicine
•    “Getting Unstuck and Getting on With Your Life: How to Get Relief From Chronic Constipation” – Isabelle Von Althen-Dagum, MD, Gastroenterologist; Director, Motility Center, Stony Brook University Digestive Disorders Institute
•    “The Best Endorphin Rush You Can Get With Your Clothes On: Exercise and Its Benefits” –Kimberly Belizar, PT, Physical Therapist, Stony Brook Medicine
•    “Flirting With Glucose: Is It Worth the Risk? Diabetes Prevention and Management ” – Marina M. Charitou, MD, Endocrinologist, Stony Brook Medicine
•    “Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need Naps and a Strict Bedtime: Relief From the Nightmare of Sleep Disorders” – Mohammad M. Amin, MD, Pulmonologist, Stony Brook University Hospital Sleep Disorders Center


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