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Mets Legend Tom Seaver Diagnosed with Dementia: Expert Available

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Dr. Palekar
Dr. Palekar

Mets legend Tom Seaver diagnosed with dementia. Regarding his diagnosis and the disease overall, Dr. Nikhil Palekar, Medical Director of The Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease at Stony Brook University Renaissance School of Medicine, says:

  • Rates of Alzheimer’s disease increase with age. 1 out 4 people over the age of 75 have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Cognitive screening tests should be administered yearly to people 65 and older as part of their routine yearly medical check up to improve early diagnosis.
  • Early diagnosis is critically important as the treatments to slow progression of memory impairment are most effective during the early stage of the illness.
  • Lifestyle modifications such as daily physical exercise and Mediterranean diet have been found to help slow progression of memory loss in some people.

Dr. Palekar is available for interview. Call Medicine Media Relations at 631-444-7880.

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